This collection represents pieces our members were principals in the production, post-production, reporting, cinematography,  and / or virtual reality construction. 


Our Clients 


Our studio moves with your story. Whether that's a roller coaster in Santa Monica or beneath the shadows of Egypt's Great Pyramids, our tech is designed to go with the flow, providing more flexibility and the deeper sense of immersion crucial to your story. 

Our editing suites and production HQ are located in New York City. 


We use the latest technology available to provide your audiences with a state of the art experience. Our team can explain the benefits offered by each medium for your project. From shooting to distribution, we tailor our technology and equipment to fit your needs.  Learn more about our VR tech


Our team has mastered the art of storytelling across news media, entertainment, commercial advertising, retail, and philanthropy. Our current creative projects are focused on connecting empathy, action and experience. Learn more about our production team.